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Fortune small business
CIA’s In-Q-Tel offers techtesting ground
Mohomine acquisition byIrvine company ‘a good thing’. (Cyberbucks)
Lemon Grove picks firm tonegotiate with on redevelopment plan
Customer Service Padres Style
Tech Innovation Alive and Well inSan Diego
CIA Mines for Technology ViaVenture Capital

FORTUNE SMALL BUSINESS – Extreme Negotiating
How to seal the deal in this fast-paced, turbulent world.
From the January, 2001 Issue of FSB
By P.B. Gray,Carlye Adler

Ah, romance. At his second wedding, Neil Senturia shared sushi at sunset with his bride. Then the newlyweds dashed off to Scottsdale, Ariz., for a short honeymoon. Rather, call it a “moneymoon.” After all, that’s what the three-day getaway was all about, if you listen to Senturia. In the days before the wedding, he had been working on a deal to raise some $15 million for his company, Mohomine, a small online search firm in San Diego. Then, a glitch: The venture capitalist got sick. With apologies, the VC said the deal — and the dough — would have to wait until the newlyweds got home. But while on his honeymoon, Senturia met another money man in, of all places, the resort’s gym.,15114,360193,00.html


CIA’s In-Q-Tel offers tech testing ground
Thursday, January 24, 2002

One day, technology entrepreneur Neil Senturia had an unexpected phone call from a man working for the CIA.

When a friend asked how it happened, Mr Senturia joked: “They’re the CIA. They find anything they want.”

Actually, the CIA has not always had the easiest time finding what it needs from the fast-moving world of technology, which is why three years ago it launched a non-profit venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel.

Since September 11, the unit’s mission of investing in up-and-coming technologies has become more urgent. Fortunately for In-Q-Tel’s 40 employees in Menlo Park and Arlington, Virginia, hundreds of technology companies have come calling.


Mohomine acquisition by Irvine company ‘a good thing’. (Cyberbucks)
San Diego Business Journal, April, 2003 by Mike Allen

Another local software firm was acquired by a much larger, Orange County company, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The purchase of Mohomine, a San Diego-based software firm specializing in data extraction and classification, by Irvine-based Kofax Image Products, has been all good, said Mohomine’ s chairman and CEO, Neil Senturia.


Lemon Grove picks firm to negotiate with on redevelopment plan
By Michele Clock
August 18, 2005

LEMON GROVE – The city is eyeing an experienced redevelopment team to transform a slice of its downtown.

The Lemon Grove Community Development Agency – composed of the City Council – voted Tuesday night to exclusively negotiate a redevelopment deal with La Jolla based-Tipping Point Partners LLC.

The firm’s managing partner helped redevelop downtown San Diego and has teamed with the former head of San Diego’s Centre City Development Corp., among others, for the Lemon Grove project.

Over the next nine months, the city will evaluate Tipping Point’s plan to revamp a 7-acre strip near the northern part of the city. The company envisions tree-lined streets, hundreds of new homes and a 12-story high-rise.

The plan focuses on an area from North Avenue to just north of City Hall, bounded by Main and Olive streets. It’s the first of four portions of downtown Lemon Grove slated for redevelopment.


Customer Service Padres Style
Voice Guest Columnist
Monday, June 13, 2005

I have been a San Diego Padres season ticket subscriber for the past 14 years, and this year I did not renew. There was no particular reason. Maybe I didn’t want the aggravation of giving away 79 games to my friends or maybe I didn’t even have 79 friends.

Then Sandy Alderson, the new CEO of the Padres, called and said come on down to the park and talk to me. The Padres management put 14 former season ticket holders in a room 90 minutes before Wednesday night’s game with the Cleveland Indians, and they said, “So, tell us why you did not renew your season tickets?”


Tech Innovation Alive and Well in San Diego
Voice Guest Columnist
Published April 15, 2005

I attended the 21st annual UCSD Connect Life Sciences and High Tech Financial Forum on Thursday, and the good news is that technology in all its wonderful iterations, permutations and combinations is alive and well in San Diego. There were opportunities to invest in medical devices, a zoom lens for a cell phone, orphan nuclear receptors (bring back Spencer Tracy and the Boys Club), terrabyte storage devices and dark fiber.


CIA Mines for Technology Via Venture Capital
August 15, 2001
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As a repeat entrepreneur, Neil Senturia has fielded his share of calls from would-be investors inquiring about his company’s products. But those calls did not prepare him for the day the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency rang to ask what his company was up to.

Much to his relief, the voice on the other end was not interested in whether Senturia’s firm posed a threat to national security. Instead, it was a representative from the agency’s venture capital fund sizing up a potential investment.