Blackbird’s Bets

Current Bets

Chairman of the Board
Software to solve the problem of security in the biotech area of authentication (am I whom I say I am) and authorization(am I approved to get this drug or test).

talapo2Talapo Bio
Chairman of the Board
Another small group of geniuses working in the area of NASH and fatty liver disease.

donnovanRichard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Business Instructor
I teach business and entrepreneurship to inmates at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Abreos logoAbreos Biosciences
Investor and co-founder
Personalized medicine typically focuses only on identifying the right drug for the right patient.


Consortia TX
Chairman of the Board
A small cadre of geniuses in Boston who are the leaders in the area of the human microbiome and food allergies. Did I mention that they are very smart. Very!

Software to create a one-click HIPPA approved integration between the doctor and the testing lab.

Board Member
Solving the problem of the marketing for the speciality food purveyor and home delivery.

La Mesa
26 unit apartment house development. I am going back to my roots, need to break out the hammer and the nails.

VCs in a Van
A series of video episodes that puts “Shark Tank” on wheels. Features 3 charming “been there done thats.” Coming soon to a television station near you (and of course, on the web.)

Executive Coaching
I teach rational man behavior to a group of young CEOs who are making lots of money in their companies, but would like to make more it – with less sleepless nights and unnecessary aggravation. Remember rule #204 – more money is lost through neurotic behavior than through bad business decisions.

Past Projects

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Oberon makes dimethyl ether, a clean substitute for diesel fuel, using its proprietary mini-plant design and technology.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Software company with expertise in distributed-node cloud networking software and platforms. Sold in April 2013 to ViaSat, publicly traded satellite communications company.

Chief Executive Officer
4/2006 – 1/2009
Quanlight focused on the development of novel yellow-amber-red light-emitting diode (LED) patent-pending technology.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
4/2003 – 12/2004
Soflinx, a wireless sensor network (WSN) company, provided software and complete system integration services for the design, implementation and effective management of "smart" wireless sensor networks. Soflinx enabled organizations to more effectively collect, analyze and take action on data from sensor networks, as well as cost-effectively manage those networks. Soflinx was funded by In-Q-Tel, the venture fund operated by the CIA and was sold in December 2004 to Lockheed Martin.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
11/99 – 4/2003
Mohomine, a leader in the field of unstructured data management software (UDMS), was sold to Irvine based Kofax Image Products in 2003. Mohomine was funded by In-Q-Tel, Windward Ventures and Hamilton Apex Technology Ventures, and its customers included Peoplesoft, SAP and Oracle.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
10/95 - 10/99
Atcom was the leader in high-speed public access software solutions for connectivity in public places. Its software solution was used in public kiosks, airport loungers, truck stops, cruise ships and hotel rooms. Its signature product, IPORT™, is currently installed in over 350,000 hotel rooms across every major chain. The company was sold to CAIS Internet (and then to CISCO) in September 1999 for $80 million. ATCOM was originally funded by Patricof Ventures.

1985 – 1995
The company focused on real estate development of office, condominium and hotel properties and built over 1.8 million square feet of space in 10 years.

Senior Vice President, Real Estate Finance
1983 – 1985
Brookside was a leader in real estate syndication financing. Responsibilities included a large portion of the financial analysis and deal structure.

1980 – 1983.
The company focused on real estate syndications, putting together limited partnerships for the acquisition of existing real estate properties.

Television / Screenwriter
1972 – 1980
Wrote sitcoms and screenplays for M*A*S*H, Alice, and Tony Randall among others.