Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures is run by experienced high-tech entrepreneur Neil Senturia. Neil brings his entrepreneurial experience to each of the high-tech companies with which Blackbird works. Our mission is to work with high-tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about the relentless pursuit of their dreams.

Companies and organizations with which our team has been involved


  • 1 App

  • Abreos Biosciences

  • American Psycho

  • Atcom

  • Athena

  • Connect

  • DiaVacs

  • ICG

  • I'm There For You Baby

  • Jersey Boys

  • Loan Hero

  • LonoCloud

  • Mercato



  • Oberon Fuels

  • ProFlowers

  • Quanlight

  • Say Media

  • SXL

  • Valore Books

  • Voice Of San Diego